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Susan McMillan Accounting Board of Education 2246 
Stephanie Baker Admin Assistant Transportation 2237 
Patty Peek Bookkeeper Board of Education 2223 
Kristi Brown Coordinated School Health Supervisor School Health 2250 
Vicki Spann Data Analysist Board of Education 2202 
Richard C. Rawlings Director of Schools Board of Education 2222 
Barbarba Bates District Testing Coordinator Board Of Education 2232 
Rick Owens Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance 2238 
Betty Wallace Payroll Board of Education 2224 
Chrissie Pullen Payroll Board of Education 2255 
Sandy Wallace School Nursing Supervisor Nurse 2242 
Kelly Rowlett School Nutrition Supervisor Nutrition 2228 
Pat Sanders Secretary Board of Education 2221 
Pam Nix Secretary Title 2225 
Wanda Ladd Secretary Nutrition 2227 
Brenda Ross Secretary Human Resources 2233 
Tina Richardson Secretary School Health 2256 
Ann Long Social Work/Student Management System Specialist Board Of Education 2251 
Abby Basey Special Education Administers Assistant Special Education 2229 
Mike Mott Supervisor of After School Title 2252 
Sue Mott Supervisor of Federal Projects Title 2226 
Robert Martin Supervisor of Instruction Board of Education 2234 
Jan Walls Supervisor of Special Education Special Education 2230 
Shane Foster Supervisor of Technology Technology 2248 
John Whitfield Supervisor of Transportation Transportation 2236 
Computer Technician Technician Technology 2235 
Kristi Scott Testing Special Education 2239 
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