HCSS Transportation Department

Welcome to the Humphreys County School System Transportation


Our Transportation Department maintains and operates the buses that travel over the whole entire Humphreys County. We take pride in ensuring the safety of students that use our buses.

If you are a principal, teacher or supervisor of the Humphreys County School System and have a request for transportation, please fill out the "Transportation Form" to the right.

If you have a complaint with one of our means of transportation for the school system, please fill out the "Transportation Complaint Form" to the right.

Riding the Bus

All bus routes are scheduled for no longer than 60 minutes from the first student pick-up to arrival at school. Buses typically arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to the school start time to ensure students are in the classroom ready for the instructional day to begin.

Please arrive at the stop 5 minutes early. Pick-up and drop-off times are approximate and can vary due to factors outside our bus drivers’ control, such as traffic and weather. Bus stop times are subject to change due to growth throughout the school year.

Bus Discipline Regulations

Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and responsible directly to the operator of the bus, unless otherwise assigned by proper authorities. Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the operator shall be sufficient reason for refusing transportation to any pupil. The operator of any school bus shall be responsible for the order and conduct of the pupils transported. Drivers are required to report misbehavior by students on the bus.

Students who come to school on the bus should return home on the same bus. Riding the bus to school is a privilege. Improper conduct on the bus will result in suspension from riding the bus. All students on the bus are under the authority of the bus driver and must obey his/her rules. The drivers will report any misconduct to the principal immediately. Students are to maintain proper conduct while waiting for the bus. Bus riders should pay close attention to the announcements in the afternoons for bus numbers and possible changes. It is their responsibility to listen and go directly to the bus when their bus is called in the afternoon. If a student should miss a bus in the afternoon, he/she should have someone they can contact to come and get them at school.

Students may only bring items on the bus that can be held in their lap. No item may block the aisle of the bus. No live animals, balloons or glass containers will be allowed on the bus. The driver will have control as to what will be allowed to be brought on the bus for the safety of all the students.

School Bus Conduct Policy

The school bus is an extension of school activity; therefore, the Board expects students to conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior.

Students are under the supervision and control of the bus driver while on the bus and all reasonable directions given by the driver shall be followed.

The principal of the student transported shall be informed by the bus driver of any serious discipline problem and may be called upon to assist if necessary. A student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus if determined by the principal that their behavior is such as to cause disruption on the bus, or when they disobey state or local rules and regulations pertaining to student transportation. Parents/students must provide transportation to and from school should they be denied transportation because of suspension.










Jim Byrum

Director of Transportation

Stephanie Baker


Route Coordinator