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The Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is your child’s digital link to learning. Teachers use Google classroom to share assignments, homework, newsletters and much more with students and parents.

How Can I Access It?

You can access it from anywhere! Use a laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet, and/or smartphone.

Getting Started.

For desktop and laptop users, download and install Google Chrome by going to Once installed go to Then on the right hand side find “Sign in” and then “Google Classroom”.

Chromebook users already have Chrome installed.

For Android and Apple products the Classroom app can be found in your App Store.

A sign in will be required.

Signing In.

Your child has been provided with a secure login and password that is unique to them. Check with his/her teacher to obtain this private information OR ask them to add you as a parent/guardian via email.

Sample Student login example: ( is the Humphreys Co. Schools domain) A password will be given from the teacher.

You Are In!

Click on the Classroom you wish to view.


Your child’s teacher will be able to answer questions on how to navigate and what you should expect to see inside of their classroom.

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