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Humphreys County Schools

Student Portable Device Agreement

Legal title to the property belongs to Humphreys Co. Schools. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with this agreement and Humphreys Co. Schools Use of the Internet Policy 4.406. This policy can be found at under the School Board tab.

You are responsible for the proper use and operation of this device. You must comply with all of the Humphreys County School Board Policies.

If loss or property damage occurs to this device while in your custody or due to misuse, you agree to take care of the financial obligation related to this event.* Loss or theft of the property must be reported to the school administration by the next school day after the occurrence. If loss is due to theft, a police report must also be filed and a copy submitted to the school office.

You will present this device with its cords and cables for check-in at the end of the school year or prior to cessation of enrollment in the District.

Home use is limited to the HCSS student on this form.

Device is provided for educational purposes. The parent/guardian will accept full responsibility for the actions of the student using this device.

The device is HCSS property and is subject to inspection at any time.

This form must be completed for each student in the household checking out a device.

*Note: If the cost of repair or replacement for the above item is determined to be the responsibility of the student, Humphreys Co. School System will be reimbursed within thirty (30) days of the reported loss. If not reimbursed within thirty (30) days, payment details will be arranged with the student’s school. Total Chromebook replacement is $200.

Print Agreement to sign and return.

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