Physical Activity in The Classroom

Good For Mind and Body

Get up and move during class---taking a break for physical activity may help with some factors of student success! All students can get active by adding short physical activity breaks during class every day. Whether you choose stretching, jumping jack, workout videos or dance breaks, you can get everyone motivated to move more all day.

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  1. Keep physical activity breaks short and manageable. Shoot for 1 - 5 minute breaks at least 2-3 times per day.

  2. Participate with your students in the activity. Students will be more likely to join in and have fun if they see their school community moving with them.

  3. Ask teachers and school administrators to share and demonstrate their favorite activities, games, and movement ideas during staff meetings throughout the school year.

  4. Create a classroom atmosphere that embraces movement! Consider playing age and culturally appropriate music. Be patient – it may take some time for kids to embrace and be comfortable with the physical activity.

  5. Integrate physical activity into academic concepts when possible. For example, a social studies unit on the Olympics can include student participation in classroom energizers fitting into an Olympic theme.

  6. Encourage your physical education teacher to be a movement leader and advocate. Ask if he or she can share some simple motor skills and games for classroom teachers and guidance for creating safe movement spaces.

  7. Empower students by asking them to share their own physical activity break ideas. Provide opportunities for students to lead and demonstrate activities.

  8. Add physical activity breaks right into your daily schedule. Try creating a classroom physical activity calendar of events that includes a variety of ideas throughout the month. Use a classroom physical activity tracker to help your students reach 10 minutes daily! Check out these brain break for testing ideas.

  9. Add in fun equipment items such as beanbags, spot markers, yoga mats, and balance boards. Consider applying for a Game On grant!

  10. Integrate health and fitness concepts while moving with students to emphasize the importance of daily physical activity and good nutrition.