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What You Need to Know About TennCare Connect

What is TennCare Connect?

TennCare Connect will help serve the 1.3 million people covered by TennCare and CoverKids. TennCare Connect is a self-service website for Tennesseans to apply for, renew, and manage their coverage including Medicaid, CoverKids and Medicare Savings Program.

How do you sign up for TennCare Connect?

If you have a computer or smart phone, go to

If you do not have a computer or smart phone you can go to your local Department of Human Services office to sign up. Each office has a kiosk computer you can use to access TennCare Connect.


kidcentral tn is a free, one-stop resource for Tennessee families to raise healthy and happy kids.

Created by the Governor's Children's Cabinet, kidcentral tn features articles on health, education, development and more, as well as a searchable directory of state-sponsored services for your family.

For more information go to KIDCENTRALTN.COM