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Humphreys County Awarded $5000 ThreeStar Community Grant to Implement FitnessGram Program!

The Humphreys Co. Economic Development Council was recently awarded the ThreeStar grant to pilot a new student fitness program at McEwen Jr. High School.  FitnessGram will be integrated into the physical education program for all 6th-8th grade students in an effort to combat the obesity epidemic and prevent chronic diseases associated with obesity, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and certain cancers.  The goal of this initiative is to teach our students the importance of lifelong physical activity and good nutrition.  Through the use of FitnessGram, students will learn how to assess their own personal level of fitness, set goals for improvement, and monitor their success over time.

The ThreeStar committee met recently to discuss next steps in implementation of the grant's objectives and action steps.  Funding will be used to purchase FitnessGram software, PE equipment, computer/printing equipment, and staff training.

Target Start Date:  October 2018!

ThreeStar Community Committee

ThreeStar Community Committee

Seated from left to right:
Freda Russell, Administrator, Three Rivers Hospital
Kristi Brown, Supervisor, Coordinated School Health
Denise Schaeffer, UT Extension Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences
Ted Moore, Executive Director, Humphreys Co. Economic Development Council, Waverly Lions Club
Dwayne Ross, Chairman, Humphreys Co. Economic Development Council, McEwen Lions Club, Board of Education

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Tina Richardson,
May 25, 2017, 6:34 AM